Obsessed with parks!

Image012Since having my daughter CJ, who is now 2 years old I have become a regular park user. In fact, in a moment of clarity last week, I realised that I had become obsessed with parks. Although my two local parks in Whitefield are lovely, I have a need to explore, in the belief that one day I will find true park utopia. My obsession is such that “Let’s find ourselves a nice playground” has become part of my 2 year old’s vocabulary.

I’m lucky to live in North Manchester, with a fantastic selection of parks and playgrounds within easy reach. Most days if it’s not raining, CJ and I will play in them. Given half a chance I’ll eat and drink in them. At the weekends, I often run in them. And now I’ll be blogging about them, sharing my findings with anyone who’s interested in finding great places to enjoy their free time for (mostly) free.

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One Response to Obsessed with parks!

  1. Hi there Kath,

    Although in Scotland, perhaps Glasgow has found your “true park utopia!” Recently opened, The Forgotten Island is a fantastic space to be explored by children and their families! It boasts Glasgow’s only outdoor beach as well as a labyrinth, “Museum of Curiousities”, Paddock Gardens, a Rainbow Field – where you can create real rainbows and a Sound Forest (where you can pedal on bikes to make music) amongst many more things!! Check out http://www.theforgottenisland.com for more information!

    The Island Guardian

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